About Me

I'm happy, see!

If I could summarise everything about me in one little paragraph, I sure have a sad life! 

All the I ams about me that you might want to know:
  • I'm Amanda (check out my professional page);
  • I'm an incurable idealist with a pessimistic streak (eish);
  • I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa;
  • I belief my relationship with God should be reflected in my relationships with my family in Christ and others;
  • I am a psychologist with a MA in Counseling Psychology from NMMU;
  • I have a part-time private practice specialising in relationship problems stemming from abuse (pretty wide I know);
  • I am research-crazy and a knowledge collector;
  • I am an extrovert and gets energy from interaction with people;
  • I'm slowly but persistently working on a D.Phil Psychology in Human trafficking in my province;
  • I work part-time as a researcher for Who Owns Whom business research;
  • I don't have my own children;
  • I am an devoted aunty to Brigitte (12), Cassandra (10), Jonathan (5) and Lily (3).  I see them more than I see their parents; and
  • I am the pack-leader of 2 special needs rescue dogs - real pavement specials.
Blog aim:
So much information available about  parenting and relationship issues - enough to confuse even the unconfusable!

Currently, the blog is focused on giving information on relationship issues, translated by a relationship specialist (that's me) and reasonably normal human being (also me).  Mostly I do this by applying specialist knowledge to everyday life (me and people I know).  This will hopefully make the information more easy to digest by you. Sometimes I rant and rave about relationship issues when I see the long-term effects in my psychology practice. 

Make my day:  What topics would you like me to research and blog on?

Comment below to let me know.

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