Near Drowing Victim Swaps Fish Pond for Swimming Pool!

After the fishpond experience, Big Boy got a little confused.  If someone mentions swimming, Big Boy wants to go to his fishpond.  Poor child. 

Mom and Dad decided that Big Boy should have swimming lessons to avert any future fishpond disasters.  Not sure they would survive another fish pond episode. 

The preparations: 
  • Swimming school.  A nice indoor one with lessons especially for toddlers.  Tick. 
  • Moral support.   His friend Hannah  will join Gogga.  Tick.
  • Swimming costume.  Cammo and khaki for Big Boy.  Tick.
  • Chill-pills for mom.  Tick.
  • Nanny Oripha will look after baby sister during swimming lessons.  Tick. 
  • Lily has not yet taken to the bottle.  Chill-pills for Oripha.  Tick.
Khaki & Kamo Kozzi

Big Boy has a slow-to-warm temperament.  He takes a while to get used to new activities and people.  Mom fears he might not even get into the water in the 1st lesson.  She warns the swimming teacher.

Big Boy astounds everyone.
He gets into the water with mom and he participates in most of the water activities.  Teacher says he is like most toddlers during the first lessons:  cautious, clingy, careful. 
Big Boy clings to Mommy (bit foggy - indoor, heated pool)

Hannah astounds everyone too.
Hannah doesn’t have a slow-to-warm temperament.  Hannah turns out to be a little water savant.  The teacher says she’s not normal.  Hannah floats in the water.  Hannah lifts her little legs to look at her feet while floating.  Hannah is a little starfish.  Flower power, my girl! 

Hannah Floats Like a star fish!

I’m proud of you both!

Give some words of encouragement to Hannah and Big Boy.  Their parents will read this to them.  Come on:  make a baby happy today. 


Barwin said...

Well done Big Boy and Hannah!!! Love the cute outfits. We all know that an outfit can really make or break an experience :) (lessons from Auntie Barbie, fashion guru).

Next round: the great big swimming pool/pond at the beach?

Zoe said...

I'm proud of my6 little starfish...
By the way Awanda..not me holding hannah. It's Tanya the instructer, but thanks for saying I'm looking HOT!! Hehehehe...........

Amanda said...

Barwin. Hannah has no problem with the beach and rock pools. She is a water savant, remember.

Big Boy not to happy at the beach last time I took him. Tries to drag me away from the water, think he gets scared I'll get hurt? Was very happy when we left: "Bye bitch" (phonetically speaking ofcourse)

Amanda said...

Zoe, thanx for the correction. I will mend the error of my ways.

Awanda, too cute what Big Boy calls me.

Hannah is still going to amaze you with her confidence, methinks.

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