Listen UP so I don't have to MOP up.

Well, I’ve been ranting and raving about fathers who hurt their children.  You might think I’m too hard on fathers; maybe I am.  Knowing myself, I probably am.
The reality is that I often mop up the mess parents made.  I sit and listen while grown men and women sob.  SOB! Always because of things their parents consistently did, or did not do.  There we sit and try to reverse a lifetime of unnecessary repercussions.   
To be unsentimental, I make a living out of such heartache.  I chose it and studied many years to make this my profession.  So, I’m not complaining. 
What I am doing is telling whoever will listen that it doesn’t have to be this way!  A friend calls me “Dr Damnit” – as in “listen to me damnit!”  So, listen to me damnit!  You can be a good enough parent.  Not perfect, just good enough.  Just wake up! Reflect! Open your eyes! Get with the program!
Fortunately I know that not all dads are ignorant, self-focussed or immature.  I know some, so it’s not a myth or an idealist vision I had.  This was just confirmed as I came across an article by Dan the laughing single dad of cutie Noah: You just broke your child.  Congratulations. 
I think I recognise the same depressed-angry mood I’ve been experiencing the past week or two and have posted about here and here and here. 
Thanks SDL for putting in words many of the thoughts and feelings I’ve had about how parents objectify their children.  Treat them like possessions, not children.  Sometimes worse than they treat their possessions. 
Thank you SDL for addressing dads.  For calling men to take responsibility for being a good dad.  Not just leaving it up to moms to parent.
Thanks SDL for re-igniting the idealist in me that believes that there are imperfect Good Enough Parents out there. 
Maybe I’d be lucky enough to be out of a job one day.  In the meantime, I’ll just continue to be Dr Damnit!
Oh yes, before I forget.  Thank you SDL.  I scraped that great picture from your article.  The only one that would work here.  Forgiven?

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