Best discovery for Today!

I've been absent for a while.  Had a killer report to complete.  But...I'm Back (in my best Arnie T2 voice.  And btw, now we know what he was up to when T2 was a hit.  Bad boy. But I digress...)

Found this wonderful website which is a social pinboard.  Pinterest allows people to upload pics in all sorts of categories.  You can then create your own pinboard by repinning these ideas under all sorts of categories. 

I found this picture on there and thought it fits nicely in my blog. 

Think some of these things are great ideas although I'm not sure about going to the movies in pjs.   

I love this one the most:  "Remember how really small they are". 

We forget that the world of adults can be very intimidating to children.  It's good to remember how threatening it can be and why we, as parents, are their only safe haven. 

Eish, what a responsibility. 

Also, how special that we are entrusted with these fragile, complex, resilient, unique little blighters. 

Which one is your favourite?  Or which one would you find hard to do? Which ones are impossible?  Make the effort to make a comment, ok? 


Barwin said...

I love: encourage silly, teach feelings and realise how important it is to be a child, surprise them... It would be difficult to: search out the positive, express the love, let them bang on pots and pans - ouch!

Love that picture.

jackie said...

"say yes often, let them bang on pots and pans" so hard when you're a control freak :) but so very very important

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