Dirty Little Secrets of Moms

This might be one of the best blogs out there for mothers:  I was a really good mom before I had kids. 

Makes me see that the more we think we mess up, the more we are actually alike.  In psychology it's called normalising. One of the most important skills when you want to show empathy. 

Media and society gives us strange standards of perfection to live up to.  One such crazy standard is that everyone should be OK.  You are only OK if you are happy.  What nonsense.

It is normal to feel like you need a good cry / want to throttle your spouse / duct tape your teenager's mouth closed / wonder what you thought when you had children.  Well, if you feel like that all the time, you probably need more than just normalising.  Best to see someone trained in helping you find balance. 

But generally, it's normal not to be PERFECT!  Not to have a grip all the time.  Promise. 

I can be very hard on myself.  I have the lifetrap of Unrelenting Standards or Hypercriticalness.  If it is hard for you to be "normal", this lifetrap might be prominent in your life too.  More about Unrelenting Standards lifetrap another time.  But I digress...

Read some of the Dirty Little Secrets confessions on the blog and see if you find them as funny and normalising as I do. 

I like these ones: 
# Occasionally I wonder what sort of injury would it take for me to have a stay in hospital as a kind of guilt free holiday

I think I want another baby, only to distract me from the the two kids I already have! Probably not the best reason to have a third child.

I wear puffy socks, spray them with Pledge and skate around my hardwood floors to clean them….

There some sad ones too that I don't feel up to posting here.  Not enough sleep and technology meltdowns have made me a little fragile.  At the moment I cry at advertisements and pretty babies.  But I digress...

Tell me what you thought of the dirty little secrets posts.

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