I Choose Us

I Choose Us is a 6-step programme for couples focussed on building a "love connection" in their marriages.  This program is based on both Biblical principles and schema therapy. 

It strength lies in addressing and breaking harmful cycles in already difficult relationships while equiping couples with communication and empathy tools. 

For young couples or those planning to marry, the I Choose Us programme will prevent the creation of harmful cycles.  This internationally used programme also makes use of movie clips to illustrate principles and points in the movie. 

A marriage built on a "love connection" will thrive, not just survive.    

While undergoing training for this programme, I saw the benefits of the programme as some of the couples attending the training, had significant break-throughs with long-standing problems in their relationships.  Read some comments from previous participants to the I Choose Us programme:

"I choose us" has already changed my marriage! Through understanding more of the root of my behavior and why the negative patterns in my relationship to my wife is occuring, "I choose us" has given me a path to how to get unstuck and to how we can meet each other's needs in our marriage.
~ Ronny Yttrehus, Norway
"I choose us" Is an amazing opportunity to equip your marriage with useful tools that will work for a lifetime! I have already seen the benefits and will be watching movies with greater focus and enjoyment!!
~ Robin Barnes, South Florida, USA
I feel the analogy used within the course is really helpful in identifying where I am at in my marriage. The clear specifics on the core needs to be met in order to maintain a healthy marriage are a great toolbox for practical steps my spouse and I can take to actively build our marriage and make it flourish.
~ Fanney Frisback, Iceland

 It helps you to be more vulnerable and therefore get closer to your spouse. You also learn what triggers each other and how you can deal with that.
~ Marit Mulelid, Norway

 I loved how the movies brought the points to life. As young marrieds, I feel very lucky and grateful to have learned much about marriage. It has helped me to understand why my husband and myself act the way we do.
~ Erin Oluwalana, South Florida, USA
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