Good Enough Parenting

Created by John and Karen Louis, the GEP Parenting Programme is designed to train and inform parents in order to meet their children's core needs.  Research has shown that if these core needs are met in a balanced and consistent way, children will develop into emotionally and psychologically healthy adults.  Every parent's dream!  It is not being about a perfect parent; it is about being a Good Enough Parent

Custom Tailored Programme
This is a 8 session program that is custom tailored by me to suit the needs of the audience.  Each session can therefore last from 1 hour to 4 hours, depending on how much detail and depth are included in the session.  Good Enough Parenting is based on Schema Therapy principles.  This means that the principles you will be trained in are credible and trustworthy. 

Seeing is believing
The programme also makes used of Movie Therapy which entails the use of clips from popular movies to illustrate points.  Seeing it does make it easier to implement the principles you'll learn during the GEP programme.  It works, I promise! 

Coz the Bible tells us so?
GEP also uses Biblical principles to underscore how God also desires and shows us how to be a Good Enough Parent. 

Different and deep
No doubt there are great parenting programmes being run by credible people.  What makes GEP a truely great programme is:
  1. Awareness: It helps you to see if  how you were parented influences your ability to be a GEP to your child without assigning blame or giving excuses;
  2. Practicality:  It is tailored for your needs which makes it good use of your time;
  3. Credibility:  It was designed by psychologists and is run by a psychologist.  Far from analysing you or reading your mind (seriously seriously!), we have trained just as long as a medical doctor to be "experts" in human behaviour.   
  4. Support:  The programme requires you to attend 4 group discussions during which you will be able to discuss how you can apply the information you've learnt in the GEP programme.  Not only will this help you with actually implementing principles you learn during the GEP programme.  It also helps you build vital relationships with other parents to support you in the most important task in your life: to be a parent. 
  5. Spirituality:  In the postmodern world where there are many truths, GEP builds it foundation on timeless spiritual Truth.  Jesus wants all adults to imitate the humble attitude of children and it seems as if all children have a natural understanding of the spiritual.  Spirituality and a sense of purpose is one of the most important core needs of your child which few parenting programmes aim to address.   GEP devotes one session to this core need of your child. 
Currently, GEP is scheduled to run over weekend. I've had requests for a program to run during week nights.  If you are interested, contact me Amanda at

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Read what people had to say about Good Enough Parenting training:
Very good class to learn how to meet the needs of children, develop close relationships in family settings and give them tools for living healthy lives.
~ JP Tynes, Orlando, USA

"Good Enough Parenting" is an intensively emotional experience that could help any parent learn about themselves as well as how to parent in a healthy way.
~ Patricia Tynes, Orlando, USA
I strongly value the emphasis on needs of kids rather than focus on problems of kids. I have a very proactive direction now as a parent.
~ David Bruce, Los Angeles, USA
Thanks for giving me an understanding of the importance of the core needs of children and equipping me with tools to meet them.
~ Beate Daae Rognli, Norway