Anger is a misunderstood emotion in our society.  I generalise, but either you are not allowed to be angry (mostly women) or the only emotion you are allowed to show is anger (that's you guys). 

As a result, most of us are better are driving cars and surfing the web than understanding and managing our anger.  The results?

We Suppress anger, which means that...
  • Stress related illnesses like ulcers, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome and high blood pressure are on the increase;
  • We take out our anger on innocent parties like our children or in traffic (who hasn't let it slip with a taxi or two?);
  • We internalise anger which can lead to depression or increase our tendency to distract ourselves with addiction behaviour;
  • We lose touch with our real selves, instead living with a mask of "niceness".

We lose control over our anger, which means that...
  • We damage relationships with those closest to us;
  • We create difficult relationships at work;
  • We hurt our children, spouses, friends and family - often beyond repair.
Either way is not how God created us to be angry.  Yes, anger can be understood AND expressed in a God-pleasing manner. 

In my private practice, I have come across many people with the abovementioned anger issues.  Dealing with anger in a healthy way was also something I had to learn.  The Anger, Forgiveness and Reconciliation programme is an experiential programme that combines lecturettes with practical exercises and group discussion. 

This is a programme that aims to:
  • Helps you to recognise healthy vs unhealthy anger;
  • Helps you to identify unresolved anger;
  • Helps you to move towards resolving your anger;
  • Leads you on the road to forgiveness of the person/s towards which your unresolved anger is focussed'
  • Shows you the Biblical view of forgiveness vs forgiveness myths; and
  • Gives you tools for reconcilliation and freedom. 
The Anger, Forgiveness and Reconciliation programme can be custom tailored for the needs of the group, the desired length of the programme and how in-depth the subject matter should be. 

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